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How much will it cost to get the Right Advice?

Unlike the Banks, Superannuation Funds and Financial Planners, we handle large numbers of “Transition to Retirement” enquiries and advice. As a result, we are able to offer you an strategy advice document specifically tailored to you and your own personal financial position at an incredibly low cost.
If you have shopped around, you will know that Banks, Superannuation Funds and Financial planners will quote between $1,750 and $3,500 for an advice document.

We all know that it is sensible to get advice but at these costs, who can afford it?

Would you risk in excess of $1,500 to get advice from one of these groups and end up with a document telling you that you should invest in their products?
It doesn’t make sense to pay them a fee, only to be told you should establish your Transition to Retirement strategy using their products. You are paying them a fee so that they can tell you to use their products.

They should be paying you!

At LifeTime Financial Group, we are different. We recognise that you want the right advice at the right price.
LifeTime Financial Group will provide you with a detailed strategy advice document that;
  • Is specifically tailored to you and your personal circumstances
  • Clearly shows you in dollar terms how much more you will have once you have set up your “Transition to Retirement” strategy
  • Calculates and identifies the maximum contributions you can make without losing any of your current take home pay
  • How a “Re Boot” strategy will boost your retirement benefits even further and
  • Identifies the types of investments you should be making based on your personal feelings (your risk profile) towards investing in Australian and International Shares, Cash, Fixed Interests and Property 
How much are you paying right now for the administration on your superannuation accounts?
If you would like us to, and at no additional cost, we can analyse the costs of your current arrangements and make recommendations on how to lower your overall costs using a number of strategies including alternative lower cost platforms or stopping the payment of commissions to advisors who never do anything for you.
This alone has saved our clients in excess of 0.30% per annum. On an average Superannuation benefit of $150,000, this is an additional ongoing annual saving of $450 per year.
So how much does the right advice cost?
LifeTime Financial Group can provide you with the right advice for a low once off Advice documentation fee of $795.00 Including GST.
To take advantage of this special offer, please call us during business hours on 1300 654 923 and mention this special offer. Or email us at with your name, a time that suits you to be called and the best number to call you on.