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My Free personalised report

My FREE & Personalised Transition to Retirement Strategy report

Transition to Retirement is truly one of the greatest opportunities that individuals have to save tax and boost their Superannuation benefits.

We will provide you with a detailed 11 page report that is specifically generated based on your own personal details. (Click here for an example of the report we will prepare for you)

The report will outline how much you will benefit by and will also include all the steps required to implement your own Transition to Retirement.

The report will clearly identify;
  • How much more you will have in Superannuation at your preferred retirement age
  • How much more Pension income you will have once you have retired
  • How much tax you will save between now and your planned retirement age
It will outline the steps to implement your own Transition to Retirement. The steps outlined specifically will include;
  • How much to salary sacrifice each pay period
  • How much Pension income you should receive to ensure that you are not out of pocket each pay period
For your detailed report, please complete the information on the LEFT HAND SIDE of this page. We will need to know the following about you;
  • Your annual income (To calculate the amount of tax etc.)
  • Does the income you have noted include your Superannuation Guarantee?
  • The percentage that all employers pay is 9.50% at this time
  • Your Superannuation balance (To assist with calculating a range of factors including potential pension income amounts and any additional tax liabilities)
  • Your current age (remember that you cant commence a transition to retirement until you have reached preservation age.
  • Your anticipated retirement age. If you are unsure, choose a later age as the summary includes a year by year benefit
  • Press Go
Please note that we need to have a record of each person who uses this service. We will not sell your personal details nor will we spam you in the future.

This is truly a FREE SERVICE that will provide you with a detailed report on how a transition to retirement can help you.

Of course, if you are unsure about any aspect of Transition to Retirement and how this incredible strategy can help you, then please call us on 1300 654 923 to discuss anything you wish to.

All without cost or obligation